Discipline in Dominante

DISCIPLINE … idea … .. lifestyle. The brand that was created in 2016. Without false modesty, I can say that from the initial idea that manufactures high-quality clothing with urban motifs, comic or “statement” descriptions, Discipline has become a lifestyle. A testimony to that are the cooperations we made with many different people, different professions, from caterers, social chronicler, DJs, photographers, fashion bloggers, professors of secondary schools and high school students, from those who do not come out of the gym, to those who have never entered one.

Love for fashion, the will and desire for success (and not materialist) as well as knowledge of graphic designers, has led to Discipline is being showcased by everyone. Those who would never even met, let alone be part of the same world, are part of the Discipline.

It was created out of ideas and diversity of which we are surrounded. I found inspiration for developing ideas at various places and situations. Listening to fellow travelers (sufferers) in public transportation, in a multitude of Belgrade graffiti, Nylon Novi Sad, in women’s conversations, as well as those of my with my friends, because “I’m not good, I am good” … And why only in school literature when it can also be on my shirts, is one example. Selimovic. Of course idea and desire are not enough. Quality is what holds, quality is the reason why people will be coming back for more, and there can be no compromise. Unfortunately, today it is very difficult to sustain such quality given that in the process there are many wheels and when one fails, the product suffers so that every day is a new challenge that will, hopefully, be successfully solved. Discipline will not stop on previous products. Soon new ideas will come, new products, which I’m sure our customers are anticipating with great desire.

dominant 11/10/2016