Exclusive Interview with BKTVNews

Her example shows that you should always try. The idea is in the first place, and then the courage to see it realized. Here and now. Serbia is tough, but it’s not an alibi. There is no excuse for giving up.

Discipline is the new “street” brand from Serbia founded in 2016. The idea is actually brand new: different styling. Discipline, as an innovative brand uses toughts and stories from everyday life of different people, different moods like the idea and vision through the filter designer clothes transferred to the how. The creator of the brand is Ivana Davidovic, who in an exclusive interview for BKTVNews reveals how Discipline was created and what it really means.

How did it all begin?

“Discipline brand was born out of my own lack of discipline. I’m kidding, that is towards the end of college, there was the inevitable question of what to do next. I could not see myself working in a corporation, collective work, and so I decided to take a bite, try my luck i try something myself and something I like, “said Ivana for BKTVNews.