INTRO DUCING – Ivana Davidovic, owner of the fashion brand DISCIPLINA

Ivana is a young business woman who recently launched her business, the fashion brand DISCIPLINA.

We talked to her about how it looks from a woman’s angle to seriously devote herself to business. Has she experienced sexism or some other type of discrimination in the workplace?

And finally, how much time is left for her to organize her private life

-During the four years of studing graphic design, I volunteered in a company that deals with interior design. I deliberately chose that type of work so I would later have more options when looking for a job after school.

-That system of their work, meant that in addition to the architects, there are managers of different segments, from procurement, sales, quality control, obtaining certificates, cooperation with state institutions, and monitoring of laws and regulations …

-This experience has given me, in addition to the fact that I want to work independently, and not in a collective, also a strong foundation for doing business, in addition to the creative work through which I express my individuality.

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